Coarse is functional

Coarse has all the features you'd expect (like swiping, wrapping, and dot navigation), without the overhead of a massive carousel library.

Coarse is tiny

While some carousel libraries are extremely robust, they can weigh a lot - some even 60kb+! Coarse is ~1kb minfied and gzipped.

Coarse is style agnostic

Components need to match your brand and fit in stylistically. Coarse only ever modifies HTML attributes, so you never have to worry about CSS conflicts.

Coarse is speedy

Coarse uses event bubbling to minimize the number of event listeners used per carousel, so your DOM won't get bogged down. Carousels are moved using a simple 3D transform, and styles are computed ahead of time.

Coarse is accesible

Coarse doesn't interrupt focus states or tab order, and controls are given appropriate attributes like title.